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Reduce costs, streamline processes and eliminate disputes with the most accurate noise and air pollution dataset in Australia.

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Ambient for Government gives you access to the most accurate noise and air quality data set in Australia. Eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary acoustic reports and provide better and faster advice on building approvals and material costs.

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Ambient Data
Council Data

Your easy checkpoint on noise categorisation.

Our noise modelling accounts for noise barriers, buildings, concrete parapets and terrain that is often not available across government datasets, ensuring a precise noise categorisation every time.

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Ambient Data
Council Data

Reduce costs and streamline processes.

Optimise the planning approval process by making noise and air quality data readily accessible. Accelerate application times by enabling developers and certifiers to access noise categorisations themselves.

Eliminate disputes.

Our highly accurate dataset takes into account noise barriers, buildings and concrete parapets to ensure accurate noise categorisation every time.

Predict development costs.

Incorrect noise categorisations can lead to overheads and material costs. Providing an accurate noise categorisation from day one ensures that developers use the right materials and can plan for additional overheads prior to build.

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